The Talent Pledge is a commitment lead by Dreams Soar,Inc. to building and sustaining an aviation industry career hub. We want to bring young professionals, companies, and industry stakeholders together in a way to move the industry forward.

Companies get access to the hub through the talent pledge, and their commitments allow young professionals to discover aviation.

Joining the pledge is a commitment to reducing learning and hiring gaps by 1% each year through, regular reports through the Hub, workforce barrier elimination and best hiring efforts.

Signatories of the Pledge agree to three areas of action:

Regular reporting


Facilitated through the hub and its workforce features, commit to measuring and reporting outreach and hiring efforts on a regular basis. Participating allows the industry to measure its progress towards reducing workforce gap by 1% each year.​



Implement recruiting, training, hiring, and retention practices in line with the FAA Youth in Aviation Task Force and Women in Aviation Advisory Board Reports. We encourage pledge members to achieve this through tangible business practice changes, innovation around workforce requirements, and flexible workforce rules. ​



Use best faith hiring practices to find talented young professionals outside of your business’ regular recruitment pool in a way that ensures that qualified but disadvantaged recruits may have a reasonable opportunity to join the workforce.​


In 2016, the non-profit, Dreams Soar, launched to inspire the next generation of STEM & aviation professionals. Our outreach efforts have reached young professionals in over 60 locations worldwide.

The next chapter of Dreams Soar will focus on becoming a hub for the aviation industry to inspire, connect, and empower the next generation.

Dreams Soar launched the Talent Pledge to bring the aviation industry together to build and sustain the Hub, which will serve as an ecosystem to move the industry forward.

Over 25,000 young professionals have been introduced to aviation through our outreach.


Review the commitments

Determine that your company or organization is ready to agree to the three commitments of the Pledge.


Improve hiring gaps by 1% yearly

Determine how your company will improve attract more young professionals by creating a plan to meet the commitments.


Become a signatory

Establish your company as an industry leader that is contributing to forward-thinking workforce solutions through the Hub.