Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Talent Pledge?

The Talent Pledge is a commitment to building and sustaining an aviation industry career hub. We want to bring young professionals, companies, and industry stakeholders together to move the industry forward. Companies get access to the Hub through the talent pledge, and their commitments allow young professionals to discover aviation. Joining the pledge is a commitment to reducing learning and hiring gaps by 1% each year through regular reports through the Hub, workforce barrier elimination, and best hiring efforts.

What is the ‘Talent Pledge: Launch the Hub’ Campaign?

The ‘Launch the Hub’ campaign is an initial commitment to building the Hub. 


Your initial tax-deductible donation is part of a collaborative industry-wide campaign to develop and launch the Hub with enough strategic partners. 


When we launch the Hub in Fall 2023, you can opt to convert your donation into a yearly membership that gives you access to the Hub and its features. 



Join us, and become a strategic launch partner.

What is the Hub?

The Hub is a digital platform that brings the aviation ecosystem together. The goal of the Hub is to streamline the discovery to career journey for young professionals and to help companies grow the workforce more efficiently. The Hub also supports small aviation businesses focusing on career services by providing an ecosystem.

How does the Hub benefit my company?

The Hub gives your company a series of forward-thinking workforce tools that will enable you to fulfill outreach in your communities more efficiently, search for talent, and keep up with the latest happening across the industry. We will regularly introduce needed features to streamline the career journey for students, companies, and our service providers.

What does the Hub look like?

You can request a demo here!

After the Hub is built, is there a fee to use it?

The Talent Pledge is a yearly fee to have built and sustain the digital Hub and its services for the industry workforce solution. After the initial funding to develop and launch the Hub, companies can pay a flat yearly fee to access it and its basic features. For more information, contact us at [email protected].

How is the Talent Pledge related to Dreams Soar?

The Talent Pledge is a product of Dreams Soar.

I still have questions-Can I speak with someone?

Contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.